[GRAPHIC NOVEL CHAT] Daytripper by Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá

daytripper review


TITLE: Daytripper
SERIES: Standalone
WRITER: Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá
PUBLICATION DATE: February 8th 2011
GENRE: Graphic Novel, Fiction




What are the most important days of your life?

Meet Brás de Oliva Domingos. The miracle child of a world-famous Brazilian writer, Brás spends his days penning other people’s obituaries and his nights dreaming of becoming a successful author himself—writing the end of other people’s stories, while his own has barely begun.

But on the day that life begins, would he even notice? Does it start at 21 when he meets the girl of his dreams? Or at 11, when he has his first kiss? Is it later in his life when his first son is born? Or earlier when he might have found his voice as a writer?

Each day in Brás’s life is like a page from a book. Each one reveals the people and things who have made him who he is: his mother and father, his child and his best friend, his first love and the love of his life. And like all great stories, each day has a twist he’ll never see coming…

In Daytripper, the Eisner Award-winning twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá tell a magical, mysterious and moving story about life itself—a hauntingly lyrical journey that uses the quiet moments to ask the big questions.


“Each day, we feel more distant from each other, more alone, all while being surrounded by millions. Each day we watch as our city turns into a desert, one in which we are all lost, looking for that oasis we like to call “love”. The more we wait, the more everything and everyone looks like a grain of sand escaping between our fingers before vanishing into the wind. How do we find something or someone we can no longer see, but which is right there before us? And how do we hold on to what is most precious in life?”

if there was one graphic novel that i would recommend everyone to read, it would be this. if i can, i would push this graphic novel to everyone’s face until you read it – it’s that good.

this wouldn’t be like any of my other reviews. i’d leave this as simple as possible. i don’t want to ruin the experience of reading this book for you.

“Life is like a book son. And every book has an end. No matter how much you like that book you will get to the last page and it will end. No book is complete without its end. And once you get there, only when you read the last words, will you see how good the book is.”

daytripper is a beautiful story about life. it follows a man named bras and his many lives. it’s like you see all the versions of himself, how each decision he made changed the course of his life, and eventually, find himself with a different ending. in each of his life, he passes away. yes. he dies in every story, but each story shows you a different aspect of life, how beautiful, wonderful, and amazing it is to be alive.

after reading this (or even during), you’d start to think about life more and how you lived it.

did you live life honorably?
did you live life the way you wanted to?
did you take everything that comes, one day at a time?
did you take it for granted?
did you have any regrets?
did you throw away your life for temporary fun and enjoyment that you forgot to value things that actually matter?
did you forget that every second, every minute, every hour, every day, gets you closer to your last breath?

i am in love with daytripper. this would be there, up with my all-time favorite reads. i could not recommend this book enough.

“Isn’t it strange how we always seem to remember the trivial things from our daily lives… yet we so often forget the most important ones?”

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