Reading. Slumps. My Anxiety. 

i have been in a bad reading slump from late last year until April. even if i wanted to, i have no idea how i could bounce back from it.

i wanted to read.
i wanted to blog.
i wanted to connected with other readers.
i wanted to check out new books.
but i couldn’t.
i just couldn’t force myself to do anything in those months i had no interest in doing anything

i think it has something to do with my anxiety. i’ve been suffering from it for quite some time. everything has been taking a toll on me. things i used to love doing didn’t matter to me. i was stuck inside my own head constantly.

i am back now.
slowly, but surely, trying to rearrange the pieces of my life back together.
allowing me to do the things i love again.
i am back for good

i would be more active now in posting more reviews and bookish related stuff. i’ll also be interacting more with the community again. because i love this community. i want to be a part of it again.

07 comments on “Reading. Slumps. My Anxiety. 

  • emmareadstoomuch , Direct link to comment

    slumping is the worst feeling in the world! so glad to hear you’re coming out of it. good luck!!

  • Haïfa , Direct link to comment

    Girl, I’m experiencing the same right now! I hope life got better for you and you’re taking more and more pleasure in the things you do! <3

    • Sandra @ Dear Darling Reader , Direct link to comment

      haifa! thank you. i’ve been on a slump starting when i was chatting less and less on our previous group on goodreads. i am doing better now and i hope you get over your slump soon cuz i love reading your reviews. 😊

      • Haïfa , Direct link to comment

        Girl, it’s no fun! 🙁 I’m still reading (or trying to, slowly) but I’m not having as much fun and excitement as I used to. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Your updates gives me so much hope! 😀 And thank you sweetie, that’s so nice of you to say! <3

  • Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams , Direct link to comment

    Ahhh hi, Sandra!! I didn’t know you were a blogger as well & we’ve been friends on Goodreads for so long?? I’m so happy to hear you’re out of your slump, and can’t wait to read more of your blog posts! <3

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