[COMIC BOOK CHAT] Batman, Volume 3: Death of the Family

death of the family comic book review


TITLE: Death of the Family
SERIES: Batman Volume 3
WRITER: Scott Snyder
PUBLICATION DATE: October 9th 2013
GENRE: Graphic Novel, Mystery, Superhero




After having his face sliced off, The Joker makes his horrifying return to Gotham City; shaking Batman to his core! But even for a man who’s committed a lifetime of murder, he’s more dangerous than ever before. How can Batman protect his city and those he’s closest to?

This new hardcover features an acetate dust jacket showcasing the face of The Joker as it appeared on the die-cut covers of the Death of the Family comics — and under that dust jacket lies the horror that is The Joker’s skinless skull!

CollectingBatman: 13-17


this shit is intense. and i fucking love it.

this, right here, is one of the many reasons why i read comic books. death of the family got me at the edge of my seat the entire time. it got me so hyped up i was turning the pages like there was no tomorrow.

this volume’s main focus is batman’s relationship with the joker as well as the rest of the bat family.

the joker.
what a sick fucking bastard.
i could talk about him all day.
the joker is most fascinating villain i have ever come across.
the way he talks. the way he thinks. the actions he takes. each and every one of them is a surprise. you do not really know what he has up his sleeve.
and he got batman fucking bad in this.
so fucking bad.

long story short:

the joker’s back and he is out to create chaos. batman would stop at nothing to catch him and put him back where he belongs. but the joker’s agenda is not to bring turmoil to gotham city. his purpose of coming back was to make sure batman does not forget who he really is.


– this shit was disturbing as hell.

– after reading a court of owls, scott snyder easily became my favorite batman writer. he understands who batman is. he understands who bruce wayne is. similarly, he understand how to handle the villains, too.

– i want to talk about batman, but i think it’s important we talk about the joker first. the joker. holy shit. this dude is one sick, twisted, sadistic motherfucker. we all know this dude is crazy. however, he is crazy with a purpose. his sole purpose on coming back to gotham was to make sure batman knows that he was changing – the joker doesn’t like it. snyder does an amazing job showing us why the joker is batman’s most formidable foe.

– because of the things that happened in batman’s past (which we all know about), he tends to be a bit more careful now with the people he care about, to the point that he might be putting them more at risk than protecting them. this was something he learned the hard way here. while he thinks it is for the best interest of the others that he try to haunt down the joker himself, this backfired on him. instead of keeping them safe, it put them in even more danger.


the reason why the joker and batman works so well is because they understand each other. years of facing off with the joker, familiarized batman with how the joker acts and thinks. this could also be said for the joker. they play off each other so well. the question also came up, why doesn’t batman just kill him off if he was so devastating to society? why does he allow the joker to continue wreaking havoc?

– the title itself is a big indicator of what the story could be about. the joker wants to destroy the bat family. did he succeed? that’s for you to find out.

– the joker has a number of origin stories. i don’t think it is revealed yet, who this joker is in this run. but it seems like batman already know. he whispered it. didn’t even bother to tell us about it. wtf.

– the joker did a lot of shitty things here. but one of the things that bothered me the most was how badly he treated harley. i know their relationship is already abusive from the get go. this has already been established in previous iterations of this couple. it’s just that, seeing how the joker treats her here, made my stomach churn. it made me fucking sick. i guess it’s because in some way, i know there are women out there who are being treated the exact same way, which is what makes this 10 times more bothering than anything else he’s done in this.


– let’s not forget about greg capullo’s amazing artwork as well as the other artists who contributed to this volume. i am in love with how they draw the characters as well as gotham. and the joker’s face – i have no words.


wow. snyder and capullo never failed me – so far at least. i’ll be continuing on with this run, no doubt about it. i’ll have to say, if you’re a batman fan, this is a title i would highly recommend reading.

have you read any of scott snyder’s batman run from the new 52?

which ones are your favorites?


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